Sticky Glowing Balls - Ceiling Ball

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Do you ever feel stressed out after a long day at school or work? Our Sticky Glowing Balls are great to help you after a stressful day!
Whether in search of a stress relief toy or a fidget toy our Sticky Glowing Balls are perfect! Throw them at the ceiling and watch as they stick before falling back down to catch them!

Cures Boredom

Our Sticky Glowing Balls are so addictive! You'll find yourself spending hours throwing them at the ceiling!  

Rinse To Make Sticky Again

They can be washed over and over again! They go back to being super sticky after every wash! 

Sticks To Almost Any Surface
Not only do they stick to almost any surface, but they don't leave any marks or sticky residue behind! 
Before using them for the first time we advise to roll them around on carpet or bed sheets so they wont be too sticky at the start

Premium Quality

Our Sticky Glowing Balls are highly tear-resistant and almost impossible to break!

Squeeze them as hard as you like!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do they work on all ceilings?

A: Yes, they work on nearly all ceilings, however some ceilings won't work because of the paint

Q: Do they leave marks?

A: No, the balls are new silicone based products that stick to walls but don't leave any sticky residue behind

Q: Is there free shipping and how long does it take to ship?

A: Yes, we offer free tracked shipping worldwide and you should receive your product within 7-21 business days. (Possible Delays Because of Covid-19) 

Q: How do you make them glow?

A: To make them glow hold them up to a light.

Package Includes:

  • 4 Sticky Glowing Balls (Multi-Color)

*Choking Hazard

Wear eye protection when throwing at ceiling