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It's your own unique, elegant and realistic appearing moon! Yes - just to the side of you. The moon is a timeless symbol often connoting eternity, uniqueness and wonder. The Levitating Moon Lamp brings all of your wildest dreams to life, and allows to glance at one of the most spectacular things to ever come across this planet.

Levitation Ufo Lamp

Langtu Ufo Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Wireless Charging LED Floating Lamp Speaker Silver is a very special UFO shaped desk lamp that both can act as speaker and decorative desk lamp. UFO MPG Desk Lamp Speaker emits soft...

Levitating Water Drops

Anti gravity fountain lamp utilize principles of basic science to create an anti-gravity optical illusion that water drops will go up.

The Solar System Planetary Lamp Set

We all know someone who's passionate about outer-space... It's all that they talk about. They may not be able to visit all the planets out there, but they can easily bring the beauty of outer-space into their room. You can allow them to see Mars, Saturn, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune at any time.



The Solar System Hoodies

You can buy one for yourself and your loved ones and gift them this beautiful The Solar System Hoodies

Astronaut Galaxy Star Projector

Astronaut Galaxy Star Projector is a revolutionary piece of decoration that will let you experience the feeling of floating stress-free in the immensity of the universe, every day, in the comfort of your home.

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Apollo 50th Hoodie/T-shirt

50 years ago, Apollo 11 launched and successfully landed on the moon first time in human history. To remember and celebrate this historic event, we are proud to bring you this limited edition 3D Printed Spacesuit Hoodies. We have carefully designed these hoodies to get them looking as close as possible to the real thing. A must have for science and space enthusiasts all around the world!

Solar System Heat Sensitive Coffee Cup

Stargazing and sipping hot chocolate go hand in hand, don't they?

With this mug, you get to do both. At first, the mug depicts a starry night. Add a hot drink to it and voila- the mesmerizing solar system shows up! This is perfect for the star watcher in you. Starry night for you, with the solar system...all rolled up into a beautiful coffee mug!

Special Space Lamp

This is our 3d printed, rechargeable Space Shuttle Enterprise Lamp, printed with bio-degradable PLA. After hours of fine tuning and re-designing, we feel that the end result speaks for itself. All the effort was more than worth it and we hope you agree! It doesn’t matter where in the house you will place the Space Shuttle lamp, it most certainly will fill the room with the same awesomeness as back when the Space Shuttle was launched for the last time, on the 8th of July, 2011.

3D Galaxy Lamp (16 Color)

Our Galaxy Lamp embodies the mystery of deep space! Over 16 different color tones give you complete control over your experience!

Our 3D lamps are meticulously crafted by our world-class design team using only the highest quality NASA satellite images.

Sticky Glowing Balls - Ceiling Ball

Whether in search of a stress relief toy or a fidget toy our Sticky Glowing Balls are perfect! Throw them at the ceiling and watch as they stick before falling back down to catch them!